About Us


Why Choose Rosary?

  • It offers a safe, happy and caring learning environment
  • Students are flexible and creative life-long learners
  • The Catholic faith is lived through action, attitude and prayer guided by the Dominican Tradition
  • Socially responsible, community-orientated school
  • Comprehensive integrated curriculum using inquiry based learning
  • Participation in sporting events, competitions, festivals and cultural activities
  • Excellent out-of-school-hours facilities
  • BYOD iPad Program
  • Rostrum Public Speaking, Chess Club, Aero Club, Physical Activity Club and School Band
  • Participation in Australia’s largest performing arts event, Wakakirri
  • Private piano and keyboard lessons
  • Musicorp Program (saxophone, electric guitar, clarinet, flute and percussion)
  • Specialist Indonesian language teacher

Our Crest


Early in the 15th Century the Dominican Order adopted a simple black and white shield with eight divisions representing joy and penance. In the mid-15th Century, the 8-pointed star was added to represent the compass points as a symbol of light and divine revelation.

The crest contains the Cross of Aza, the family symbol of St Dominic’s mother that is representative of a flowering lily turning sacrifice into joy.

Our Motto

The school’s motto is ‘Veritas’ which translates to ‘Truth’, honesty with one’s self and being one’s own person before God and before others. Honesty brings us closer together and allows us to build trust-worthy relationships, seeking to live as Jesus would have us live.


We work closely with the Dominican priests who run our Parish and feel privileged to be part of such a spiritually rich community.
Parish Priest: Fr Mannes Telephone: 02 6248 5925 Fax: 02 6248 7564

School Houses

To develop and enhance the Rosary spirit, children are placed into one of our four houses: Mawson (Blue), Freeman (Red), Chisholm (Green) or Barton (Yellow). Students are involved in house-based activities throughout the year which promote fair play, team work, cooperation and respectful sporting behaviour.